RENAISSER Raphael 520BT Bluetooth Surface Stylus

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  • Bluetooth Remote Control - Easily pair your pen to your device via Bluetooth 5.1, once paired you can click the top button once to open Microsoft Whiteboard, double-clicking will open Snip & Sketch, and press and hold will open Sticky Notes (or choose something different). Or use it as a PowerPoint remote control from across the room during a PowerPoint slide show, click the top button to advance to the next slide and double-click to return to the previous slide.
  • Magnetic Charging Cap & Quick Charge - The charging cap will attach to the bottom of the pen magnetically. The charging cap design protects the internals of your pen, unlike other designs that store dirt and germs and are prone to breaking. A 1-hour charge can last for more than 70 hours of continuous use. RENAISSER is an environmentally conscious company and is proud that our pens don't add disposable battery waste to the planet.
  • Magnetic Attach - Designed to Attach PERFECTLY to the Surface Pro/Go/Book. *note, devices like the Surface Pro/Go/Book have only one magnetic attachment point for the pen. On the Surface Pro/Go/Book it is LEFT SIDE ONLY. *Surface Pro 8 not supported.
  • Tilt & 4096 levels of Pressure Sensitivity Supported - MPP 2.0 Technology provides precision sketching and shading with tilt and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Your pen will respond to the lightest touch.
  • Compatible with Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro 7+, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 4, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Duo/ Duo 2, Surface Pro X, Surface Go/Go 2/Go 3, Surface Book/Book 2/Book 3, Surface Studio 1st Gen, Surface Studio 2, Surface Laptop 1/Laptop 2/Laptop 3/Laptop 4. *Not compatible with Surface Laptop Go and others Windows 10 touch screen computers.