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RENAISSER Pelican Keyboard for Surface Pro 9/ Pro 8/ Pro X

RENAISSER Pelican Keyboard for Surface Pro 9/ Pro 8/ Pro X

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  • The pen is not included!

  • Compatible with Surface Pro 9, Surface Pro 8 and X: The RENAISSER Pelican Keyboard is compatible with Surface Pro 9/8/X, it will attach to the Surface Pro 8/X magnetically. The Keyboard connects via Bluetooth and allows you to use the keyboard and touchpad with the keyboard detached from the Surface Pro 9/8/X. (To pair the keyboard, please press Fn + C) (*NOTE - The keyboard does not fit others Surface models).

  • Patent Pending First Hidden Charging Port Design for Surface Pro Series: RENAISSER put the charging port in the top corner, the port is hidden when the keyboard attaches to the Surface Pro 9/8/X. Unlike other cheap keyboards which have an exposed charging port on the side. The RENAISSER Pelican K8 Keyboard was designed to be a class above the rest. The patent of hidden charging port of Renaisser covers the different kinds of bluetooth keyboards.

  • Pen slot for RENAISSER Pens: Comes with a pen slot that can store the RENAISSER Stylus, like Raphael 520/520C/530. The slot is hidden when the keyboard is attached to the Surface Pro 9/8/X. It is just like the original signature keyboard from Microsoft. Now you can carry the Surface Pro 9/8/X with a keyboard and stylus both made by the top quality RENAISSER brand. *Please note the slot doesn't fit Slim Pen, Slim Pen 2, and may not fit other non-RENAISSER stylus. *Pen is not included.

  • Smart Power Management: With RENAISSER's smart power management design, you don't need to turn on the keyboard manually. The keyboard will turn on automatically when using it and be off automatically when the keyboard is idle.

  • Enjoy it just like the original Surface Pro Signature Keyboard: The RENAISSER keyboard’s intelligent design allows for the removal of the extra power button, creating a cleaner, more spacious experience. Most cheap keyboards use a trackpad that scrolls in the opposite direction. We use the same scrolling direction as the Microsoft Signature keyboard. The keyboard is covered in a stainproof micro fabric material, it is comfortable, and it is durable. We believe you will really enjoy the attractive quality of the RENAISSER Pelican keyboard. It is designed as the perfect match for your Surface Pro 9/8/X.
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