How to choose the right Raphael stlyus model for you?

All RENAISSER Raphael series stylus models offer excellent writing performance. The difference lies in the charging methods and additional features. You can choose the stylus model that best suits your needs based on your preferences.

  Raphael 520 Raphael 520C Raphael 520BT Raphael 530
Compatibility Microsoft Surface or other devices that use MPP.
*Not compatible with Surface Laptop Go and Surface Laptop Go 2.
Pressure Sensitivity 4096 level of pressure sensitivity
Tilt Function V V V V
Rechargeable V V V V
Charging Method micro usb USB-C Charging cap USB-C
Eraser Barrel Button Eraser Barrel Button Eraser Barrel Button Eraser Tail & Barrel Button Dual Eraser
Bluetooth remote     V